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“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
― Maya Angelou

Sapphire Dragonfly Safe Haven
Non-Profit Corporation

Helping people heal, progress and feel good about themselves, one day at a time...

We offer a  host of programs to assist people short term and long term. Take a look below for a description of all we currently offer.
Mother and Daughter

Short Term Assistance

Currently these are the areas that we are offering short term assistance in:

  • Grocery & Food Assistance

    • Grocery Delivery/Pick-up​

    • Wholesale Club Delivery/Pickup

  • Toiletry Supplies ​

    • All Kits Include:

      •  (1) Bottle of Body ​Wash

      • (1) Body Deodorant

      • (1) Wash Cloth

      • (1) Toothbrush w/ toothpaste

      • (2) Feminine Products (when applicable)

  • Public Transportation Assistance

    • Bus passes

    • Regional Local Rail cards

    • Subway System cards or tokens

  • Gasoline Fuel Assistance 

    • Gas for vehicle to get to work or interviews​

  • Cell Phone Assistance 

    • New Purchase of Prepaid Phone

    • Prepaid Phone Refill

  • Clothing Assistance ​

    • Seasonal Clothing Assistance for Kids​

      • Summer Clothes​

      • Winter Coats & Clothing

      • Children's Shoes

    • Adult Clothing & Jewelry for Interviews

      • Adult Shoes for Interviews

      • Adult Work Shoes (Steel Toe, Food Service, Sneakers)

Future Programs Coming

> Emergency Day Care

Our emergency daycare program allows parents experiencing a crisis and housing instability to place their children in a safe, quality daycare program. Our licensed daycare staff will work with your unique situation and offer support when you need it. Standard or custom care can be arranged as needed. We employ an early education curriculum in a safe, secure, fun, and caring environment.

> Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence Crisis Response

Comprehensive Crisis Response Services – Extraction, Restart, Rapid-Rehousing, Transitional Housing, Legal Services, Mental Health, Medical liaison

The Crisis Response Center and team provide rapid, comprehensive supportive services to individuals experiencing an acute crisis. We mobilize quickly to respond, assess and stabilize your unique situation.

> Coming Soon: 24Hour-Domestic Violence Hotline & Crisis Center

If you are in danger, call 911

The hotline provides Immediate Assistance and support for victims of domestic violence and concerned others. Everyone deserves a life free from violence; when you need help, we’re here for you 24/7/365.

> Legal Assistance – Orders of Protection, Liaison with Department of Children Family Services, Child Protective Services, Family Law, Domestic Violence Support Specialist

Civil and criminal legal assistance to women and children experiencing domestic violence, intimate partner violence, and family violence. Legal assistance for women who have children in common with an abusive partner. We will provide representation in family law cases involving custody, parenting, and child support.

> Comprehensive Case Management

Our licensed and certified case manager works with participants in a collaborative process that plans, implements, coordinates, monitors,  and evaluates participants' unique options and services to their needs.


> Crisis and Therapeutic Counseling

Our licensed and certified crisis counselors provide acute interventions utilizing specific psychotherapeutic approaches to stabilize those in crisis immediately.

  Our licensed and certified therapeutic counselors provide ongoing 1:1 therapeutic support about focusing on a specific issue and how to see yourself and the work, exploring your thoughts, behaviors, and underlying patterns with the goal of self-actualization, stabilization, greater functioning, and psychotherapeutic support.

> Child Trauma Specialist

Our licensed and certified trauma specialist works with children and teens who have experienced acute or chronic trauma or emotional difficulties from a traumatic event. We will work with the family to help them understand the connection between the child's trauma exposure and current clinical or behavioral presentation.

> Emergency Housing

Our Emergency Housing program provides immediate and short-term stable housing for those experiencing a crisis or with an immediate need of shelter to eviction, living on the street, or in an unsafe situation.


> Permanent Housing

Our Permanent Housing assistance program equips participants with supportive services to establish and maintain permanent, stable housing for women, children, and individuals experiencing homelessness.

> Healthcare Assessment & Medical Concierge Services

Access to professional medical services and linkages to more comprehensive medical care.

> Clothing Pantry

Our program offers free, gently used clothing and cold weather for themselves and their children.


> Food Pantry

Our program provides free food to anyone experiencing food insecurity. Patrons can come once every three-four weeks to receive select food bundles and/ or emergency-prepared food bundles as needed.

> Transportation Assistance

Our program provides transportation to participants to-from work, housing, court, counseling, medical appointments, and limited travel vouchers.


> Workforce Skills Development – Skills Assessment – Career Development – Technology Training

Our Comprehensive program consists of skills assessment, skill development, training, tutoring, and mentoring to achieve stable employment. Our program provides tailored training, linkages with apprenticeships, internships, fellowships, and transitional to permanent employment. Participants learn soft skills, standard office suite programs, and basic IT training. Access to mentors for long-term career development.

> Life Coaching

Our program starts with personalized assessment and 1:1 mentoring to assist participants in improving relationships-personal and professional, career trajectory, and day-to-day well-being.  Our coaching assesses where you are in a relationship with your goals, helps clarify goals, identifies obstacles and opportunities, and develops a plan to achieve your goals. We can assist with short-term coaching or long-term strategic planning.


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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