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'The Highjacked Heiress'
If you can't trust family, who can you trust...

Shaniika Smalls McAllister Creque

What do you do in a small city and state like Wilmington, Delaware when you have multiple people of authority and establishments working against you to keep the identity of who you are hidden for financial gain? Lie, after lie, repeated laws broken and multiple parties involved, working together to build a false perception of your character so that you are seen as mentally unfit in order for them to maintain control of the inheritance and legacy left to you by your biological father.

How do you win a battle with so many people at county, state, and judicial levels all orchestrating with members of your own blood relatives and family, to keep you in poverty using your own money to do it and antagonizing you so you look crazy so no one will believe you when you speak the truth?


I'll tell you how... While they PREY on you, you PRAY to God faithfully and trust your ancestors to bring the truth to the light and expose the wicked deception that has been surrounding you your whole life. I cried many tears being ostracized by friends, family and an entire hometown community, but I kept faith that justice would prevail and what was rightfully mine would be given to me one day. 

Treacherous crimes committed, false signatures, false medical reports by doctors paid behind closed doors and judges bought with ill gotten gain promised to an untold number of individuals if they could continue to succeed at manipulating the truth. For years I suffered in silence but now I am standing up and speaking out representing the countless number of people who have had these atrocities committed against them. 

Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water. Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family and money makes you disposable when coveted by greedy people. Imagine being mistreated your whole life, having your own children and friends turned against you, no family having your back to help you and never knowing why. This is my life, my story and how God, my faith and ancestors helped me survive to win a battle for my life and identity, that I didn't even know I was in with MY OWN FAMILY.

Stay tuned... More to come... This is the book you won't be able to put down and the movie you can't wait to premiere and it's all a TRUE STORY...

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